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Powerful Instagram Story Tips (That Actually Work)

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Get your smart phones out… and begin capturing Instagram Stories!

Initially, Instagram Stories was viewed as a carbon of Snapchat, and this still rings true. Instagram Stories have 300 million daily active users, which is up form 250 million from June. However, utilising the platform for your branded content requires some strategy.

So, to assist develop a content plan, and utilise Stories effectively, we’ve created some content ideas:

Feature the utilisation of your products:

Featuring clips of your product in action can go an extended thanks to sell your product. believe it – watching how a product is getting used , your audience members have a far better understanding of what they’re stepping into once they purchase the merchandise or service from you.

Promote limited time offerings on your stories.

When a giveaway or promotion is merely available for a limited time, it creates a way of urgency for your audience, and that they want to act immediately.

Share industry news.

Share industry-related news to boost your brand’s authenticity. Constantly promoting only your brand, will create this negative perception.

Share behind-the-scenes content.

For Instagram Stories, showing behind-the-scenes content from events or simply showcasing your agency’s personality should perform well for all companies. Your followers will desire they need access to something they can’t get anywhere else, therefore they're going to be more likely to actively follow your company updates.

Essentially, your company can tap into an enormous audience by creating content and sharing it on Instagram Stories. But, if you don’t even know where to start out with creating content - We would love to help! www.pageend.in


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