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Boost your online marketing with an attractive colour theory.

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Have you ever walked out of a store because they didn’t have an item in the colour of your choice? You probably have, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that colours have a huge influence on purchase decisions.

Does Colour Theory Really Help To Boost Your Online Marketing?

Colours can make a memorable first impression, help direct your audience's eyes to your call-to-action and turn an impression into a conversion.

When was the last time you shopped online? Was the checkout button easy to find? It was, right! It would have probably been a green, yellow or orange.

What about social media websites? I bet your favourites use a decent amount of blue.

These choices are no accident.

They’re meant to grab your attention, get you to stay longer and probably spend money.

In addition, colours can also be used to evoke emotions.

Red: Power – Excitement - Passion

Yellow: Youthfulness – Happiness – Creativity

Green: Health – Hope - Growth

Blue: Trust – Loyalty – Serenity

Purple: Wealth – Royalty – Wisdom

White: Innocence – Purity – Simplicity

Black: Authority – Sophistication – Stability

Quick Tip

1. For one month, try making your main call-to-action button green or yellow and see if it increases the clicks from the previous month.

2. Use white or a light grey as your main background page colour.

3. Pick a colour from your logo as the accent colour for menu bars and dividers.

Always remember to keep it simple, keep testing your website background and call-to-action buttons colours until you find the right mix of colours for your business’s marketing strategy.


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